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ShockedPlot7560 - A simple plot

IT student, writing websites and code for fun since I was very young

I am particularly interested in the web but I am getting into new technologies such as Vue or Node. All my content is currently developed in PHP with a few exceptions.

For several years now I have been particularly involved in Minecraft development through PocketMine-MP. As a team member and active developer on a French server, I'm trying to discover other technologies and explore other possibilities.

As a regular cybersecurity practitioner, I'm concerned about the security of the applications and software I develop. My Root-Me

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For the past two years, I've been part of the development team at Plutonium, the first French bedrock faction server. My role as lead developper has enabled me to explore many interesting technologies and software concepts:

  • ElasticSearch for logs and statistics
  • Redis x Symfony x OpenSwoole for website performance
  • MultiThreading for database access / I/O tasks
  • etc...

Most of my discoveries and technical skills were acquired within this team.

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A game server for Minecraft Bedrock, it is written in PHP and includes numerous customized extensions for specific use.
As a member of the development team, I develop some of the community's suggestions or personal needs that can be included in the engine. I also participate in the maintenance of the engine and the correction of bugs.

This rather active involvement in the community taught me a certain work ethic and enabled me to put some concrete ideas into practice.

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Unmaintained since 1 year

FactionMaster is a plugin for PocketMine-MP, a Minecraft Bedrock server software, it offers a faction mode managed intuitively by UI and user friendly. All this with an API for developers to create extensions as desired

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Planningsup vision


Contributor to the university planning created by @kernoeb

University planning based on the ADE management system, allows a display of all schedule with different views.

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GuestToBuild vision


Private project unreleased

GuestToBuild is a browser-based multiplayer real-time civilisation game project. You create a map and can expand according to the game's hazards to get the most powerful civilization!